Monday, 11 February 2019

Business Success incense bombs

Sometimes our true success lies in the small habits we keep and maintain. It’s these small rituals that can often helps to always find success wherever we go and in whatever we do. Today I want to share with you one of my favourite, small rituals.

I love making these whenever I am starting a new project, it helps me to focus my mind, set my intentions, and to expect and receive success.

These are really great to make whenever you are looking to achieve some kind of success in your career or in business. Ideally you should make them just before you start a new project, for example just before you start writing that new book, start a new business venture or even start to look for a new job. Make yourself a couple of these while focusing on and visualising yourself succeeding.

You will need:
Fresh basil leaves
Cinnamon – can be sticks or dried and powdered.
Gold / silver / copper colour thread – which ever signifies abundance and success the most for you

Wrap the basil leaves around the cinnamon sticks, and tie the thread around it to keep the basil leaf in place, or if you are using powdered cinnamon, pour some into the centre of the leaf and wrap the leaf around it, using the thread to keep it closed, like a small sachet bag.

Then place these somewhere where they can remain safe and dry out undisturbed, while you work on your project. Though this should also be somewhere where you can see them frequently, at least once a day, to help you to remember your goals ahead, and help to keep you focused.

 Once you have completed your project, you should burn these, either in a bonfire or in an incense burner, preferably on the day of your success (perhaps even as part of your celebrations) so on the day your book is published and ready to sell, or the first day in your new job, or the day you launch your brand new business venture. As you are burning the incense bomb, visualise great successes coming to you now and in the future, ask your deity for their blessings, but most importantly express gratitude for your success, and your having achieved your current goal.

This can really become a powerful little practice, I do it as often as I need to and whenever I feel I need success on a new project I’m about to start. Not only is it a powerful act of intention, but it helps me to stay focused on my goals ahead.

I hope it helps to bring you many great successes too.

Friday, 21 December 2018

Litha Blessings!

The eve of Litha is upon us, and although I'm excited to celebrate it this year, it's also a bitter sweet celebration.

It marks a month since Akura, one of our beloved cats passed away. It was a sudden and unexpected death, and it still hurts. She wasn't just any cat, and even though we saw her as our "fur child" - she was so much more than that... she was also my wife's Familiar.

It's hard to explain to muggles, and many people what this means exactly. Out of the 11 four legged, fluffy furkids in our home, only two have had this title. My boy Jinx is my Familiar, and Akura was my wife's. A familiar is not just another furry family member, but for us witches there exists a very special, spiritual bond with the animal.

During Litha, it's traditional to have an animal blessing rite, as a result every time I've thought of coming up with celebrations, or creating any rituals for the day, my mind turns to our beloved Akura, my heart hurts (sometimes I cry), and I struggle to move forward.

As a result, I thought it best that maybe we make it a more casual get together for the day. In true South African style we will be having a braai with seasonal salads. But I still want to do something to celebrate the day, so I will be having a small bowl to burn offerings in, and we will do a traditional jumping over of the fire for prosperity and abundance, and we will leave out some milk and honey for the Faye Folk.

I also still very much want to do something that includes an animal blessing, as my pets are such an important part of my life. Besides our loss, the other biggest hurdle we are facing is that there will be no less then twenty pets to be represented over three households, the logistics of getting everyone together for a quick blessing would prove to be quite difficult. Instead I've gone for a candle blessing, where I will be blessing a candle, which in turn when burned in the homes of the furry family members and will impart the blessing onto them. Here's the blessing I came up with, and hopefully you can use it too.

Animal Blessings Candle - blessing ritual

You will need a candle, preferably plain white
Dried chamomile flowers (or chamomile tea would work) – this is the flower for harmony (especially in homes with multiple pets), peace, healing and happiness.
Dried basil leaves – for protection
Dried cloves – for protection and healing.

You can place these herbs in a blessing oil to steep for a few hours (or for a day or two at room temperature), before using it to anoint your candle, or you can melt down some candle wax and place the herbs in the wax, to dip your pet protection candle in. Just make sure the wax isn’t too hot, or you might create a fire when you add the dried herbs.

Have your plain white candle and the oil or wax with the herbs in ready on your altar to be blessed. Set up your sacred space as you normally would, call on the quarters and invoke your deity.

When you are ready to bless the candle, place your hands over the candle and oil / wax herbal mix and say the following incantation:

Artemis, with your arrow straight and true
Bless this candle I bring to you
Imbue it with peace, harmony and love
And protection from you hereof
Bless this candle and its flame
So that all animals, wild and tame
Within the home where it may burn
Will your love and protection earn

Dip the white candle into the oil or wax, and then place it back onto your altar. Place your hands over it once again and repeat the above incantation.

When the candle is blessed, light it’s flame, and visualise the light extending out over your home, and keeping all the animals within happy, safe and living together in harmony.

If you are going to be gifting it to friends or your coven, as I am. Include a copy of the incantation, and a description of visualising the light extending out and over their furry loved ones, so that they can perform the visualisation when they burn the candle in their own homes.

To end today's post I want to finish off by sharing with you some Summer Solstice Facts. I wish you and your family an Blessed Litha, and for our friends in the North a Blessed Yule, and I wish you only the best for the year to come

Friday, 7 December 2018

Thousands of FREE meditations

As you know, I am a HUGE fan of a good daily meditation, what a lot of you might not now is that I actually create my own meditation music too.

That’s right, and believe it or not, but it’s one of the reasons I actually started The Wicca Series, some 11 years ago. 

My goal was to originally create a series of Wiccan and Pagan based meditations, and so The Wicca Series was born.

However, eleven years later and most of my meditations have evolved into music based meditations. A large majority of them contain binaural beats (Theta or alpha waves) to help you to truly focus your intentions as you meditate.

Would you like to listen to them? For FREE? Of course you do... they’re available to listen to on an app called Insight Timer. I’ve already had almost 60,000 listens to my tracks... and of course you’re welcome to leave me a “tip” if you like my music to thank me for all the hard work that went into creating it.

I know that my type of meditation music isn’t “everyone’s cuppa tea”, but there is good news. There are literally hundreds of other teachers available on the app with thousands of meditations to suit everybody’s taste.

So if one of your goals for the upcoming year is to meditate more, to find healing and to become more in-tune with yourself, then this app is a really fantastic place to start.

In fact it has officially become the most downloaded and used meditation app across the world, give it a try and you will see why. It even allows you to keep track of how often you meditate (and you score points too), you can meet fellow meditators and make new friends, and follow your favourite teachers that you would like to hear more of. 

Download it today, it has free version (which still has loads of features), and before you know it, you will find completing your daily meditations a breeze.